When do courses start?

The language courses generally start each week, the university courses start each semester or quarter, depending on the institution.
In Canada, studies in secondary or high school start in September or February.
In the Case of Australia and New Zealand, they can star each quarter, four times a year.

What size are the language classes?

Each school has their own educational strategies, although the majority of schools make sure not to have more than 20 students in a class. Each school will also have conversation clubs or extracurricular activities with the purpose of socializing and practicing the language, these groups can grow to be very large, but classrooms are generally small. There are also occasions where the student by choice or recommendation of the school can be considered for private or semi-private classes.

How do I know which level to choose?

When you start the program there is an exam to evaluate the four levels of language knowledge: Speaking (how you communicate), Listening (how much of what you hear do you understand), Reading (how much of what you read do you understand), and writing (How well you write and be grammatically correct). Understanding that each student will have different development in each one of these areas the school will be responsible to place the student in the correct level.
Once we present you with the different options of institutions and programs, we will also provide you with a website for each one so that you may explore the information that is pertinent to each school such as content and costs of the chosen program.

Is there a maximum age limit to study overseas?

As far as a mimimim age requirement, it depends on each school and school district. It can be from as young as 7 as long as they have a local guardian. In Canada, those under 19 years of age also require a guardian.
There is no maximum age limit. Not for language programs or higher education.


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