Educational Consultation

Embark your Education assists you in the whole process of your educational projects.

Orientation and
visa applications

We guide you with the requirements to obtain a visa or study permit.

Transportation to and
from the airport

Each educational institution will have their own transportation services to and from the airport.

Medical insurance

Embark your Education can provide you with medical insurance, the cost will depend on the destination of the studies.


We gladly help with the search for a Homestay (Host Family), or accommodations in student residencies

General assistance
during your stay

Be assured that we will help with everything related to your state



Embark is a Canadian organization of comprehensive
education advisory services.

We are a company committed to all those people looking for a study program in another country, we provide free advice for the search for the best option. Our main interest is that the student or family has a pleasant experience from the beginning to the end of their course.




We are personally acquainted with the field of international education as well as the privileges that the different programs offer.

Embark advises you during the entire process of your studies project.

Our only commitment is with the students and we hope to find what will work for them meet their objectives.



You are ready to start
your adventure!

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